"All the World's a Stage" is a commentary on how people behave differently in different situations. Set inside a television, it alludes to the performance of life. The chess pieces are made of wax and so they melt whenever the light is on, when they are being watched. Each different piece represents a personality one puts on: the king, queen, castle, knight, bishop, and pawn.

"The Mad Octopus King" is a commentary on people's relationship to materials. A hundred years ago, aluminum was a considered a magic material, super lightweight, affordable, and can be used in so many different contexts. Now with plastics, the magic of aluminum is all but history. This park installation shows off the many different forms aluminum can take to inspire the next generation to appreciate it anew. 

"The Curious Man" is a commentary on the nature of exclusivity. The analogy is as follows: The large man wants to contribute to the small people's work, but in lifting the lid to peer in, he's blinding them and causing more harm than good. At the same time, another part of himself rests peacefully atop the box and the peaceful side of himself too is disturbed by his interest in getting involved.

"Also" was a mobile installation designed for Wanted Design at New York's design week. The purpose was to call attention to the beautiful but unseen details in the space itself. The tree of view masters that I designed had images of details in the space as the images. Ironically, you need to engage with our installation in order to recognize them as design pieces in their own right.