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Thank you for being here. 
Of all the places you could be, 
you came here. I don't take that lightly. 
In exchange for your gift of attention,
I hope to give you something in return,
a story of curiosity and imagination,
a world of what-ifs and why-nots.


Joseph Weissgold
Designer, Educator, Near-Futurist

'88 - '06      Toronto, Canada
'06 - '09      Ottawa, Canada
'09 - '10       Tel Aviv, Israel
'10 - now      New York, USA

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Travel Photography

Passion 1: Learning about my own world by exploring others


I grew up in Toronto, back when Drake was on Degrassi and the Raptors couldn't buy a win. It was a different time. Being an only child in the 90's, when I was at home I spent a lot of time with my imagination. For hours on end, I would draw superheroes, invent gadgets, play computer games, and bring my action figures to life. My life was a fine balance of very social extra-curricular activities that filled up most weekday evenings and this alone-time where I was the creator of worlds.

And then, every chance we got, my parents would take me traveling. I almost never spent a school break at home. By the time I was 18 I'd been to 20 countries. When we travelled my favorite thing to do was take photos, to stock up on inspiration; details and lifestyles to make my imaginary worlds that much richer.

Big Friggin' Lizard, Peru

Big Friggin' Lizard, Peru

The Future Project

Passion 5: Building Systems that Empower people to be creative 


I first heard about The Future Project while in grad school, and was inspired by their bold vision to transform public high schools across the country into places of possibility. Their approach is to supply each school with a Dream Director who works with students to shape school's culture and build projects based on their passions.

I joined The Future Project shortly after completing my Master's to help them build out a system for collecting meaningful data from the field. It was right after their first major expansion and there was real urgency to standardize the model. In my second year I built out the training system called Dream Academy that ensured all Dream Directors were prepared for the year and supported on an ongoing basis. And now I'm leading an incredible team tasked to develop our systems organization-wide. 

Mural at Shabazz High School, Newark NJ

Mural at Shabazz High School, Newark NJ