Discovering Industrial Design

The joy of making and learning by doing


I've always wanted to be an inventor, I just didn't think it was the kind of thing you could go to school for. So when I learned about Industrial Design I didn't hesitate. My hero as a kid was Leonardo Da Vinci. He was my introduction to invention as a craft and the first role model I had of what it means to be truly trans-disciplinary. 

So at 18, I moved to Ottawa to study Industrial Design at Carleton. After three years, I took a year to work at a design firm in Tel Aviv and put a freelance product on the market before moving to NY to finish my undergrad at Parsons. It was only then that I realized I was becoming anything but Da Vinci-like; I was becoming a cog in a machine of mass consumption. I loved the design process and making and inventing, but with that awareness I was compelled to expand my horizons beyond materials and manufacturing techniques.

I finished my bachelors at the wonderfully trans-disciplinary New School before finding my real home, a design master's program as self-aware as I'd become called Products of Design at the School of Visual Arts. 

  Soft Light,  the plush light bulb (SVA PoD)

Soft Light, the plush light bulb (SVA PoD)