Identifying as an Educator

Supporting others to see the world in a new way


My first paid teaching job came when I was 14. The head of the junior congregation at my synagogue moved away so I jumped on the opportunity to offer myself in the interim until a new teacher could be found. I ended up keeping that job all through high school. I felt like one of them, like I knew how to level with them, what they would find fun, and how they'd actually get the big idea. I absolutely loved it.

While going through my whole journey as a designer, I remained an educator. At camp I became a counselor at 15 and by 16 was the director of all programming, and I stayed there until I moved to Israel at 20. Throughout university I tutored, taught hebrew school, and later started teaching design and technology as well. It wasn't until my master's that I realized that being an educator wasn't just a hobby of mine or any easy way to make money, it was a core part of who I am. 

Stop-motion Animation at  BotCamp  (Makerbot Foundation 2013)

Stop-motion Animation at BotCamp (Makerbot Foundation 2013)