My Story


 Big Friggin' Lizard,  Peru

Big Friggin' Lizard, Peru

Growing Up

Learning about my own world by exploring others


I grew up in Toronto, back when Drake was on Degrassi and the Raptors couldn't buy a win. It was a different time. Being an only child in the 90's, when I was at home I spent a lot of time with my imagination. For hours on end, I would draw superheroes, invent gadgets, play computer games, and bring my action figures to life. My life was a fine balance of very social extra-curricular activities that filled up most weekday evenings and this alone-time where I was the creator of worlds.

And then, every chance we got, my parents would take me traveling. I almost never spent a school break at home. By the time I was 18 I'd been to 20 countries. When we travelled my favorite thing to do was take photos, to stock up on inspiration; details and lifestyles to make my imaginary worlds that much richer.