Graduate School

New perspectives about the way things work


At Products of Design, where I went to grad school, the way we learned the design process was by applying it to a wide variety of areas, from the healthcare industry and the food system to the credit card industry and networked sharing economies. The outlets we were allowed to use were equally varied: writing, coding, drawing, and making things with tools, from table saws to 3D printers. 

Because of this, it was well received when I declared I'd be doing my thesis at the intersection of design and education. While I did write a great deal, I also made artifacts, videos, posters, maps, and more to communicate my ideas. 

The final product of the thesis was entitled "The Teacher's Lounge". It was a platform, a community of teachers exploring new technologies and lesson designing in small groups using the framework and tools I'd developed. I had a partnership with the Brooklyn public libraries who agreed to host these meet-ups and with the NY Department of Education to connect me to more teachers. I was in the early stages of fundraising when I was recruited by The Future Project.  

 Prospective  Park Installation  intended to explore our relationship to materials

Prospective Park Installation intended to explore our relationship to materials