tracking software


When I first joined The Future Project, one of the major challenges was to know what Dream Directors were actually doing all day in schools. We all knew the impact was significant, the question was, what are they doing that's causing that impact.

Logbook is now regularly used by all Dream Directors in the field, to track all engagements and project created by the people they work with. It allows for storing media (pictures, audio, video, and other documents) and provides visual feedback to the user.

Collaboration with Chris Frank and Andy Ogden


Intro to dream directing

As the Director of Dream Academy at The Future Project, I was tasked with ensuring that all Dream Directors had access to all the definitions and frameworks they needed on a day-to-day basis. Because the work is most often done not in front of a computer and not in an office, the solution had to come not only in a digital format and not only in a thick textbook. That's where the idea to make a small pocket book came from. 

The books were distributed in October and quickly became popular, especially among Dream Directors in their first year. The content was also made available on a website that we shared internally.

Famous Dreamers

Photoshopped Archive Images

At The Future Project we saw our work as standing on the shoulders of giants from history and fiction. To acknowledge our predecessors and inspirations, I created these images and photoshopped our iconic TFP buttons on their chests. These pictures were then blown up and framed in our Manhattan office.