The Goals of a Super-Species

In the natural order, I am an animal,
An ant, not worthy of sympathy,
Not like a colony with its superintellect
Surpassing recurring dreams of insectual majesty
Purpose is not for individuals, it is for societies
But here we are all strangers from our colonies
We think ourselves to be super species in ourselves
We’d rather die than embrace the idea that we are not
So we create confined systems
A human centric, a me-centric system
Here things make sense

This is a game I can win
Although I know individuals always lose
Only something not doomed to a life as short as a lifetime can hope to win
Like a race, or a species, or a family
We’ve embraced death, by rejecting our immortality
Our lineage, traditions
The part we play in the super species
That is purpose
All your short term and long term plans
Are but ploys to avoid the fact
You are not a super species
You are one person, too smart for his own good
Go improve the human race with every beat, every conversation
Because you will die,
I’m sorry to break the bad news to you