The Long Game

We are crying out for a revolution, one in which all the artificial systems we’ve constructed to structure our urban lives, to control and pacify the masses, will be revealed for what they are, merely constructs. We can recognize the rational basis for the existence of such systems, whether legal, financial, medical, or educational, and in that understanding comes the power to choose in any given circumstance to allow the precedent of the system guide us, or to follow our humanity. True, a world in which we all are masters of our own selves, making decisions as they come and without following pattern-driven rules, is an unpredictable world. In this lack of order we find chaos and anarchy, complexity and ambiguity and lack of purpose. Surely mass awareness of the limits of our guiding systems would breed doubt in all authority, government, banks, religions, teachers. With all that individual freedom, just to be, be as a human and interact in accordance with that, what would happen to progress? I ask, where has progress led us so far. Maybe it’s time we look outside of our science and facts for guidance regarding the direction we should push ourselves to progress. After all, is there such a thing as regression in history, or just two steps forward, one step back. The post enlightenment awakening is underway. It will succeed because it is patient, slow, resilient. In the long game it will persevere. All we have to hope is that we don’t blow ourselves up before it happens.